Why Evolve?

Learning faster than the competition is critical to success. Evolve helps you achieve that.

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The purpose of Evolve is to help organizations thrive, learn and grow. We want to create organizations that are realizing their potential long term.

Evolve: The Art of Implementation®

Evolve helps leading energy and chemical companies deliver significant value in capital, production, cost, risk and growth, that continues to improve long term. We believe that consulting interventions should put clients on a different trajectory: a changed belief in what’s possible, with the capability and culture for ongoing improvement and agile response to new challenges. Operating with a growth mindset, Evolve believes that organizations are powered by their people and that they can achieve better, faster results. 

Evolve is built on the idea that sustainable change requires building new capability. If your people are going to truly learn, the answers have to be realized by them, which requires an approach that builds your organizational capability and ownership, something that can only be achieved if your people build skills through their own experience and your leaders own and drive the change themselves.  

Our clients are typically trying to implement change themselves, as they recognize that sustainable change requires building new skills and practicing new behaviors. They value external perspective but have seen mixed results with consultants. The challenge with doing this completely on your own is that you lack external perspective and because complex change is difficult, it requires specialist skills. To address concerns about the lack of engagement, ownership and sustainability that often comes with external support, Evolve helps you use the challenges you have today as the practice field to build your organization’s engagement and skills for implementation. 

Evolve’s proven methodology helps organizations design and implement their own successful change programs and our consultants are passionate about supporting your people through this process as they thrive, learn and grow. Evolve helps you build your program based on experience, insight and best practice in the energy and chemicals industry. Typical implementation programs supported by Evolve include business and cultural transformation, operational excellence, asset reliability, continuous improvement, capital project execution, turnaround excellence and organizational effectiveness. 

We are purposely built to help you address the typical implementation challenges of urgency, ownership, leadership, skills and culture. Achieving this requires an integrated approach across processes, systems, leadership and change.

Working with Evolve is a strategic choice to put your organization on a different trajectory: 

  • Results that continue and grow into the future

  • Systems and processes that continue to evolve and develop

  • Capabilities, behaviors, and culture to meet new challenges

  • Changed beliefs about what is possible

  • Motivation and confidence to continue the improvements


Our Team

Leadership at Evolve is not about rising above the rest, but working with others to expand our learning and to exceed our own expectations.

Leaders at Evolve pursue this objective in many ways: by helping clients address their toughest challenges, developing skills that carry on after we leave and helping leaders realize their full potential, while recognizing that every leadership path is unique.


Rupert Hucker
Chief Executive Officer

Seth Tyler
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Emery
Chief Financial Officer

Senior Leadership

John Norcross
Senior Vice President, Accounts

Lisa Harris
Vice President of Marketing

Arun Jeyachandran
Vice President, Canada

Ken Weisinger
Vice President

Martin Thompson
Client Partner

Julie Gray
Client Partner

Darius Ostrowski
Client Partner

Advisory Board

Evolve’s Advisory Board provides you with over 200 years of industry insight.


Perry Berkenpas

Rick Cape

Robert Kent

Jess McConnell

Cal Watson