Building the Capability to Achieve Operational Excellence in Late-Life Assets

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Context and Challenge

  • Assets were well into their operational late-life, where maintaining performance levels was becoming increasingly difficult.

  • Many experienced managers had been redeployed to work on other high-growth areas of businesses.

  • As a result, performance had fallen below its managed-decline plan. Needed to increase production to close to 35,000 barrels per day - an improvement of more than 20% on what they were currently achieving.



  • Evolve worked with the leadership team to first create a vision of what excellent performance should look like.

  • Helped people at all levels understand the key performance levers and operational imperatives for late-life operation were different from the rules that had existed in the past.

  • Developed an analysis and implementation approach that would not only deliver the required results but would build management and leadership capability both onshore and offshore, that would enable it to stay on-track.

  • Approach centered on the selection, training and support of an internal consulting team that was able to engage the business to identify and solve problems.

  • Implemented new ways of working, and training offshore staff to make further improvements by themselves.

Evolve’s support has been invaluable. I had worked with consultants before, and I guess had the view that consultants were useful so long as you kept them ‘in their box.’ Working with Evolve has changed my views.
— Delivery Unit Manager
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