Building Capability for Safe and Efficient Execution Major Plug and Abandonment Campaign

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Context and Challenge

  • Late life asset management required a 14 Well abandonment project scoped at $112 MM and 425 days.

  • Long-term history of over expenditure was accepted as the normal state for the type of work being done

  • Culture was reactive and because of this incurred multiple delays in critical path activities

  • Planning and logistics was very short term (less than 48 hours), leading to a large amount of expedited tools and material

  • Third-party accountability for preparing work plans was lacking

  • Previous CI efforts had only achieved a small level of compliance and failed to be sustainable



  • Used Organizational Space™ model to develop an integrated approach of barrier-free execution of work

  • Implemented a long-term planning approach which detailed the work to be done more than 30 days in advance

  • Applied Lean methodologies and planning tools to understand end to end process, engage all stakeholders, and develop capability and ensure just-in-time delivery of materials and tools

  • Utilized Johari Window model to create better understanding of relationships to others, and to coach third-party contractors to take on accountability for planning and coordinating work with rig crews

  • Developed a closed-loop management system for ensuring sustainability of improvements

  • Used Shadow of a Leader model to coach leaders at all levels to build long-term capability and allow leaders to anticipate unintended consequences of their behaviors

We have been trying to achieve this for two years. With this approach we completed it in four months
— Director New Ventures
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