Lean Implementation Drives Improved Performance in Days, Dollars and Barrels Sustained with a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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Context and Challenge

  • Large growth in demand for well services: 60% of 2015 planned production expected to come from new wells

  • History of missing Business Plan commitments

    • 900+ rig-days delay/year over past 2 years in well delivery

    • Non productive time of 40% over past several years

  • Falling oil price required dramatic improvement in cost and to competitively scope well design

  • Wells more expensive and complex, managed by a well delivery process with multiple stakeholders resulted in siloed data and poor transparency:

    • Regulatory environment includes 21 new global standards/24 months)

    • Stakeholders include Asset teams, Well Engineering, Finance, C-suite and abundance of service companies

  • Great crew change underway: proportion of less experienced staff increased from 40% to 55% requiring embedding continuous improvement as a new way of working



  • Leadership committed to driving and supporting Lean implementation with a goal of improving safety, quality and cost

  • Tasked two core teams (Completions and Well Interventions Engineering) with identifying and implementing best practice in design and delivery of their core process with the intent to:

    • Improve performance in quality and efficiency

    • Accelerate development of less experienced staff

    • Standardize improved processes to provide a baseline from which to drive sustainable and continuous improvement

  • Standardized guidelines and templates were implemented enabling improved efficiency, consistency and quality

  • Introduced visual management and an escalation process to identify and escalate off-schedule situations quickly, and drive timely problem resolution

  • Utilized performance data to identify and prioritize further opportunities, and implemented a comprehensive tracking system to ensure delivery and sustainability of results, and continued standardization of improvements

The program provided a framework that enabled us to understand key issues and to confront them.
— Onshore Manager
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