Evolve Partners Celebrates Thirteenth Anniversary

Delivering Value to the Energy and Process Industry through Operations Excellence

Houston, TX, July 10, 2013 – Evolve Partners, a global implementation-focused consulting firm that helps Energy and Process industry clients implement strategic business improvement programs, today celebrates their (lucky) thirteenth anniversary in business.

Evolve Partners was created from an idea that genuine and sustainable business improvement requires enough people in an organization to learn to make better interventions. Learning how to deliver superior results faster, while still motivating and growing the organization is a key source of competitive advantage. Everything Evolve does is designed to deliver superior results and maximize engagement and learning.

“Evolve was born out of the belief that consultants could serve their clients in a better way,” says Rupert Hucker, Founder and CEO of Evolve Partners. “When we help our clients implement new performance improvement programs in the ‘Evolve Way’, something magical happens.”

Evolve was purpose built to help people grow to be more motivated, capable and connected. People who will continue to drive performance into the future because they’ve truly learned something and discovered meaning in success and growth. Our business was created to consistently deliver both results and capability development − where clients and quality come first. A business that is passionate about creating better leadership and learning, where working with or for Evolve is a powerful and meaningful experience.
Evolve Partner is based in Houston, TX in the Galleria Financial Center and has an office in the Suncor Energy building in Calgary, Alberta.

Evolve Partners

Evolve Partners helps clients implement strategic programs that deliver significant shifts in profitability. We work with premier clients in the Energy and Heavy Process industries to deliver safety, production, cost and project delivery improvements that are different – different because our clients’ results continue to improve well after we’ve gone. Our approach blends a thorough knowledge of industry-specific processes and systems with a focus on developing leadership capabilities at all levels. As a result our approach is more engaging and people learn to make even better performance interventions in the future. That is what we call the Art of Implementation. Visit our website at www.evolve.cc.

Corey Wills