Terminal Transformation: Engaging People to Energize a Key Facility

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Context and Challenge

  • A thirty-year-old oil & gas terminal required step-change improvements in reliability, cost and morale.

  • The company recognized the need to make improvements at the facility, which processes and separates the oil, water and natural gas pumped from several offshore production platforms.

  • The facility had a number of performance challenges, including product quality, environmental performance, shipping and operational reliability and asset integrity.

  • Employees were not always collaborating in an effective manner, and organizational issues often prevented efficient execution of business plans.

  • The facility and the people that made it work required revitalizing through improved systems, processes and leadership skills.



  • Supported the team in defining and implementing an improvement program across multiple Business Excellence themes, including HSE, Maintenance & Reliability, Asset Integrity, Cost, Production Optimization, Integrated Planning and Leadership and Performance Management.

  • Trained and developed an internal program team and help leadership craft a vision for improvement.

  • Facilitation clarification of processes, installation of new systems, and improvement efforts based on root cause analysis.

  • Helped the terminal achieve substantial improvement in operational performance by creating a workplace where people from different cultures came to work together to work effectively as teams.

  • Clarified roles and responsibilities and coached leaders on building their skills and reinforcing new winning behaviors.

  • Improved maintenance planning process, productivity of maintenance technicians and work order and backlog. management system improved; installed more effective pre- and post-lift planning meetings; established project prioritization process based on risk, production, cost and long-term growth.

After thirty-five years of doing P&A work, I’ve never seen a well that completed under budget until now; and we have remained consistent in our ability to execute at that level into the future.
— Lead Foreman P&A
ProcessingCorey Wills