Helping Onshore Gas Producer Achieve Sustainable Cost Reduction in Onshore Gas Through Lean

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Context and Challenge

  • Strategic, top-quartile asset of large multi-national oil & gas client looking to achieve significant step change in cost and efficiency performance in onshore gas asset. Historic issues with plant performance: many unplanned outages, high unit cost, HSE concerns.

  • Needed to deliver immediate cost savings while building capability to ensure sustainability

  • Strong desire to build internal capability for Lean.

  • Recognized lack of capability and process to pull the right levers, particularly to achieve a sustainable shift in cost position.



  • Business case delivering 7% OPEX reduction and 1% production enhancement through equipment availability and wrench-time productivity.

  • Program cash neutral (self-funding) in just over one quarter of delivery, with significant cash benefits over 12 months.

Working with a team of dynamic people toward a set goal leads to success. I have learned that change brings fear, but not changing can be more scary.
— Communications Team Leader
OnshoreCorey Wills