Dramatically Improved Customer Service Through Integrated Operations and Scheduling


Cross-functional collaboration enables breakthrough customer order fulfillment performance


Context and Challenge

  • Production reliability and inefficiency issues coupled with chronic less-than-lead time customer order changes drive production schedulers to constantly revised and release the daily production schedule

  • When making changes, schedulers would not consult with Operations supervisors to determine impact of changes limiting feedback from shop floor driving further disruptions and inefficiencies

  • Production supervisors commonly disregarded product-compatibility sequence and executed the work-plan according to their priorities – this led to significant change-over time and off-spec production

  • Manually producing, manipulating and maintaining the schedule required up to 12 man hours / day



  • Established a “frozen schedule” policy for 24 hours - coached schedulers on impact of schedule changes to raise awareness and drive behavior change

  • Created and piloted an integrated scheduling system to link and translate information from multiple sources, formats, and users into one version of the truth

  • Implemented daily meeting to ensure alignment around schedule and production priorities. This lead to a “frozen” schedule up to 48 hours in advance

  • Defined Roles & Responsibilities around the daily scheduling information cycle. Established a decision hierarchy governing schedule changes and approvals

  • Measured and reported on root causes of schedule changes as well as schedule adherence to increase awareness of performance and the impact of changes

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