Creating the Foundation for Market-Oriented Growth


Context and Challenge

  • This catalyst manufacturer and part of a major chemical group was in the midst of a series of strategic changes

  • Originally created from a business plucked from different business units, the business was now being given more independence

  • Now being asked to take a more entrepreneurial, market-focused approach

  • A key success factor would be to bring a higher level of predictability to the business

  • The business and its management needed to rapidly learn new skills and align a disparate business behind a new common vision for the future

  • The company knew that it needed a way forward that would truly be owned by its people



  • Evolve first agreed with the leadership team, a series of common, stretching business goals, and the necessary discrete outcomes that would have to be achieved

  • Worked with the leadership team to communicate these goals to the organization at-large

  • Engaged key members of the organization to develop both buy-in, a program structure and area-specific goals

  • Areas of focus were around sales, market & customer segmentation, supply chain and new product development and introduction

  • By year end, the business had delivered on both its revenue and profit targets for the first time

Evolve’s coaching has helped my people to address real business issues in a way that has added value while building their capability and confidence. I appreciate Evolve’s ability to coach me and my senior team as well as employees at the shop-floor level—and link those interventions to drive business improvement.
— President and CEO LNG company
ChemicalsNandalal Ramphal