Preparing One of Canada's Largest Oil Companies for Sustainable Growth Through Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement


Context and Challenge

  • One of the pioneers in modern oil sands technology, looking to steadily expand the production footprint in Northern Alberta.

  • A combination of established SAGD operations combined with a rapidly growing plant, both of which have unique operational improvement needs.

  • Leadership looking to develop a "common way of working" that avoids the extremes of rigid, mechanical standards and procedures and a loose, multiple-ways-of-doing-things approach to operations.

  • Stretching commitments to deliver results in the areas of: Production, Unit Cost, Operating Efficiency and HSE.



  • Operational Excellence Foundation phase designed to develop a vision for a common way of working and to enroll the organization in the journey, followed by a result-focused Delivery phase aimed at building sustainable capability.

  • Leveraged program with Evolve consultants working side-by-side with an internal team to develop their capability.

  • Focused efforts on control room optimization, group problem solving, front-line coaching and the systematic elimination of waste, variation and complexity in the operation.

  • Building a common, enterprise-wide Operational Excellence Framework with an initial focus on: Production & Optimization, Cost Excellence, Maintenance & Reliability, Leadership & Management and Human Skills & Performance.

  • Delivered a 20:1 return in 12 months.

Evolve’s coaching has helped my people to address real business issues in a way that has added value while building their capability and confidence. I appreciate Evolve’s ability to coach me and my senior team as well as employees at the shop-floor level—and link those interventions to drive business improvement.
— President and CEO LNG company