Helping an Oil Sands Plant Build a Culture and Capability for Great Operations


Context and Challenge

  • SAGD oil sands project at the start of its production life.

  • Critical strategic investment with inconsistent performance in the areas of production, fuel gas efficiency, product quality and safety.

  • Seeking to achieve operational excellence from the start by implementing strong processes, systems and a high performance culture.

  • Need to deliver results today to demonstrate rapid return on investment and build capability and performance culture for future expansion.


  • Comprehensive operational excellence implementation program focused on HSE, production optimization, maintenance & reliability, integrity, and operations leadership.

  • Client-led program supported by Evolve.

  • Develop a core tool set to drive performance through the action teams including DMAIC, Root Cause Analysis, Wrench-Time Productivity and Performance Management (Management Systems, Effective Meetings, Area Scorecard, Loss Management and Short-Interval Control).

  • Supported leaders through the business develop new behaviors and capabilities in order to use new processes and tools to drive performance.

  • Program helped client achieve better results faster, which created significant real cash flow benefits of at least 25:1 return.

We have been trying to achieve this for two years. With this approach we completed it in four months.
— Director New Ventures