The What of Evolve

Not surprisingly we have a long track record with many of the industry’s best companies because our approach adds more value in the short term and far more value in the long term—and they recognize that. The outcome is that we have worked in all aspects of the value chain of many of the clients we serve.

The key to this success is “what we leave behind.” First, substantial shifts in key results such as production volumes, reliability, safety, capital expenditure and operating costs. These shifts are evident in a way that is not just sustainable but where the variation in performance often becomes less and the improvement continues well into the future. As an example, we delivered a 20% improvement in production for one client, valued at approximately $400MM per annum, with no additional capital expenditure. This outcome was particularly impressive as the company we worked with was already widely considered to be the benchmark in that segment of the industry.

We also help implement more consistent and improved operating processes, and management systems and the capability to not only effectively own and use the systems and processes, but also improve upon them in the future. The type of change we effect in clients requires that ultimately we work on practical things. This is why we have an operations excellence model that includes an understanding of things such as production monitoring optimization, maintenance and projects. You cannot achieve a different level of performance unless you actually work on these specific things.

Lastly—and this is where the magic lies—we change the behaviors and beliefs of the people who work in the business. They learn to use the systems and processes to drive results that they previously didn’t think possible. This means adopting a more effective leadership style that is often more inclusive, more proactive and which drives value from the new systems and processes, through better and faster decisions and interventions. Ultimately, we coach people to become the best they can be, for themselves.

The combination of these three elements means that what we ultimately do for clients is create substantial leverage, in a far quicker and more consistent manner.

Rupert Hucker

Rupert founded Evolve Partners in 2000 based on an idea about how business consulting should be different – that clients should truly develop and learn from the process as well as achieving major financial benefits. Since then, he has helped many clients achieve significant shifts in profitability with further results continuing to be delivered long after the engagement has ended. As CEO, Rupert is responsible for guiding the firm as it continues its path of successful growth, and for overall governance and the development of Evolve’s unique brand and culture.