Why Evolve?

Learning how to deliver superior results faster by motivating people and growing their capability is a key source of shareholder value and competitive advantage for our clients. It is the “magic” that enables all successful organizations to maximize the return on their strategy, assets and investments.


Evolve exists to enable people to achieve performance that once seemed impossible. Everything we do is designed to deliver superior results by maximizing the engagement and learning of an organization, which drives further performance in the future. Working with Evolve is a strategic choice that yields more value in the short term and breakthrough performance in the long term.

When you use the opportunity provided by a performance improvement program in this way something magical happens. You get improved processes and management systems, as well as improved results. But you get something much more important: more motivated, capable and connected people who will continue to drive performance into the future because they’ve truly learned something and discovered meaning in growth and success. It might be easy to imagine how people in an organization leap out of bed everyday saying, “I’m going to add extra value to the shareholders of the company who I don’t know and have never met because it’s just the right thing to do.” But of course the reality is that most people need something much closer to them personally to create motivation and excitement. Evolve achieves this by engaging people and opening them up to new learning into the future.

Rupert Hucker

Rupert founded Evolve Partners in 2000 based on an idea about how business consulting should be different – that clients should truly develop and learn from the process as well as achieving major financial benefits. Since then, he has helped many clients achieve significant shifts in profitability with further results continuing to be delivered long after the engagement has ended. As CEO, Rupert is responsible for guiding the firm as it continues its path of successful growth, and for overall governance and the development of Evolve’s unique brand and culture.