Improving and enhancing upstream & midstream performance at their operating sites


Upstream and midstream companies, both onshore and offshore, face a unique set of challenges, particularly in the current price environment. There is a need to continue to find and develop new sources of energy, while moving toward a leaner, margin-focused approach to operations. Companies will continue to need to be judicious in ensuring return on capital, all while delivering on their social contract for safety and environmental stewardship. Companies have undertaken significant restructuring since 2014, but there are still many opportunities to transform how they work. Increased activity levels will continue to challenge upstream and midstream companies to maintain cost reductions across the value chain. Digital evolution presents many opportunities for efficiency, and also for distraction and wasted capital if not managed effectively.

Areas of Intervention

Evolve works with companies in both conventional and unconventional onshore, as well as offshore deepwater to improve their competitiveness. Evolve helps clients identify and address onshore and offshore end-to-end well delivery process improvement, including the following:

  • Drilling & Completions

  • Project execution

  • Facilities

  • Surveillance

  • Abandonment

  • Logistics

In addition, Evolve supports midstream companies in project execution, processing & maintenance

Results and Benefits

Evolve helps you create significant value today that continues to grow long term. Following are several select illustrative results and benefits from Upstream & Midstream programs that Evolve has implemented with our clients. Click on each link to see the full case studies.

  • Engaging people to energize a key facility

  • Improved integrated planning, scheduling and execution

  • Building capability for safe and efficient execution

Evolve’s support has been invaluable. I had worked with consultants before, and I guess had the view that consultants were useful so long as you kept them ‘in their box.’ Working with Evolve has changed my views.
Delivery Unit Manager