Evolve Partners and Oilsands Review Co-Host Successful Executive Roundtable

Cal Watson chairs discussion on “The Big Reset”

Calgary, AB, November 21, 2016 – Evolve Partners, a global implementation-focused consulting firm that helps Energy and Process industry clients implement strategic business improvement programs, is pleased to share the success of their second Executive Roundtable in Calgary, "The Big Reset: Creating an emotional connection to the journey and developing a high performing culture in a lower-for-longer, capital competitive environment."

Evolve has expertise in the Canadian Energy market having worked with companies in both upstream energy and downstream petrochemical companies. The roundtable brought together industry executives representing a cross-section of Calgary Energy companies, including oilsands, chemicals, gas processing and pipelines, to continue our discussion from our last roundtable on changing the way we work. Deborah Jaremko, Editor of Oilsands Review, again co-hosted the event and introduced the topic covered in an article written by Seth Tyler, that JWN Online published in early November JWN Article.

As the article lays out, and we look forward to 2017 and beyond, we see an opportunity for what we describe as "the Big Reset" that has the following aspects:

  • Reconnecting people with vision and purpose and creating an emotional connection to the journey.

  • Creating a compelling case for change for Alberta producers to be globally competitive for capital.

  • Changing the way we work to deliver on that case by ensuring systems and processes fit the organization and deliver the case.

  • Shaping a new culture built around operational discipline, Lean and maximizing return on capital. In conjunction with their vision, companies can declare the enabling behaviors to support getting there.

"This Executive Roundtable series was designed to be an opportunity to connect with peers and industry leaders who recognize that in order to survive and thrive in the 'lower for longer' oil price environment, we need to change the way we work today," says Seth Tyler, COO Evolve Partners.

Cal Watson, retired Devon Energy executive and Evolve Advisory Board Member, moderated the conversation with the group, delving into thought-provoking discussions that addressed today’s most pressing issues for the Canadian oilsands, chemicals, gas processing and pipelines companies.

"Most companies are reaching the limit of what they can cut in terms of capital and activity without significantly undermining their medium-term viability," says Cal Watson. "The conversation on the importance of culture to these companies was very spirited and content rich, as was their commitment to the future of this industry."

The attendees enjoyed the session and gave us very positive feedback, including the following:

"I appreciated learning the importance of consistent, predictable and sustainable behaviors as it relates to a sustainable change journey."

"Interesting to hear what others are going through on their change programs – challenges and successes."

We will host additional Executive Roundtables to continue to expand the conversation and progress on "Changing the Way We Work."

Evolve Partners  has offices in Houston, TX as well as Calgary, Alberta.

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Corey Wills