Evolve Partners Adds Oil and Gas Executive to External Advisory Board

Former Devon Energy Executive Retained to Provide Strategic Guidance

Houston, TX, January 13, 2016 – Evolve Partners, a global implementation-focused consulting firm that helps Energy and Process industry clients implement strategic business improvement programs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Cal Watson to its corporate Advisory Board.

“We are very excited to welcome Cal Watson to our distinguished panel of Advisors,” said Rupert Hucker, Founder and CEO of Evolve Partners. “Though the Canadian oil & gas market is challenged right now, we believe that disruptive conditions can also create the best opportunities for transformative change. Evolve is committed to the Calgary marketplace and we look forward to working with Cal to help the industry address its strategic implementation opportunities."

Cal brings insight to the Advisory Board that is shaped by 30+ years of combined oil and gas industry experience. During his 17 years with Devon, Cal held various executive and leadership positions, including VP Production, VP Thermal Operations, and GM Thermal. Previously within Devon, his managerial responsibilities included Thermal Operations Manager, Foothills Exploitation Manager and Central and Southern Plains Exploitation Manager. Prior to Devon, Cal spent 13+ years at Husky Oil Ltd in various technical roles in cold flow heavy oil, foothills deep gas and natural gas marketing. We believe Cal brings great vision and passion for the long term success of the Canadian oil industry.

“Becoming more efficient is obviously an imperative for Canadian producers in the current price environment, but it is also a longer-term strategic imperative if we are to compete for global capital,” says Cal. “Canadian producers are facing structural cost challenges which have been the focus of 2015, but this focus must turn to evolving their business and operational model to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste. Having worked firsthand with Evolve, I believe they have the right approach to help producers in this market transform their businesses.”

Evolve Partners has offices in Houston, TX as well as Calgary, Alberta.

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