Evolve Partners Launches New Brand Identity and Redesigned Website

Consulting firm illustrates the Art of Implementation

Houston, TX, October 3, 2012 – Evolve Partners, a global implementation-focused consulting firm that helps energy and heavy process industry clients implement strategic programs, is pleased to unveil their new brand identity. The brand — anchored by the tagline, “The Art of Implementation” — is featured on the company’s redesigned website: www.evolve.cc.

Building on our growing reputation with leading players in the energy and heavy process industries, the new brand identity underscores the transformation Evolve has gone through since its inception 12 years ago. It is supported by a new logo, which features an updated square to circle graphic carried over from previous logo iterations. This is intended to represent the company’s view of the “Art of Implementation,” constantly evolving to fit our client’s needs. It is a simple yet dramatic departure from the ordinary.

“Evolve has grown significantly over the years as we’ve evolved to meet our clients’ needs and expanded our offerings,” says Rupert Hucker, Founder and CEO of Evolve Partners. “Our new brand identity is not a radical change, but simply better communicates who we are as a company and why we’re different. We will leverage the new brand to continue to deliver great work for great clients.”

“Our logo and website had done it’s job for many years but no longer reflected who Evolve had become.” said Lisa Harris, Vice President of Marketing at Evolve Partners. “We didn’t want to lose the brand equity and market recognition we had built over twelve years, so we were careful to retain many of the basic elements of the original logo in the new design.”

The new corporate website, the first major redesign since 2004, builds on our brand equity and communicates our messaging in a bright, clean and easily digestible format. The updated brand identity and website was designed and built by Biersma Creative.

To complement the brand and website enhancements, Evolve is proud to expand its social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn where we will share topics of interest and invite discussion for energy and heavy process industry professionals. Join the conversation.

Evolve Partners

Evolve Partners helps clients implement strategic programs that deliver significant shifts in profitability. We work with premier clients in the Energy and Heavy Process industries to deliver safety, production, cost and project delivery improvements that are different – different because our clients’ results continue to improve well after we’ve gone. Our approach blends a thorough knowledge of industry-specific processes and systems with a focus on developing leadership capabilities at all levels. As a result our approach is more engaging and people learn to make even better performance interventions in the future. That is what we call the Art of Implementation. Visit our website at www.evolve.cc.

Corey Wills