Driving production, reliability, cost and safety in manufacturing


Whether they refer to it as “manufacturing” or “operations”, most companies, are looking to drive further improvements in throughput, reliability, cost and safety at their chemical or refining operating sites. Developing common approach to manufacturing excellence and a culture of site-based operational improvement enables the realization of significant return on capital and risk mitigation. Many companies continue to strive for standardization across manufacturing, realizing the benefits of a common, consistent approach. Although the digital evolution promises greater automation of many functions and decisions, there is still a significant need to engage people and build their skills for data-driven decision-making and effective collaboration.

Areas of Intervention

Evolve helps clients develop the skills to identify and implement these improvements in one or more key areas including:

  • Safety

  • Production

  • Reliability

  • Cost

  • Maintenance

  • Engineering

  • Materials Management

Results and Benefits

Evolve helps you create significant value today that continues to grow long term. Following are several select illustrative results and benefits from Manufacturing programs that Evolve has implemented with our clients. Click on each link to see the full case studies.

  • Improved reliability and reduced unit cost

  • Decreased cost per barrel via Chemical Optimization

  • Sustainable cost reduction

  • Improved reliability and unlocked capacity

After thirty-five years of doing P&A work, I’ve never seen a well that completed under budget until now; and we have remained consistent in our ability to execute at that level into the future.
Lead Foreman P&A