The only way to create powerful implementations for our clients is to hire great people to work here.

People join Evolve because they believe in our approach and are excited about building capability for sustained improvement, and ultimately helping people thrive, learn and grow.

We believe that building a strong company culture will create value for your business. In that same way, Evolve’s culture develops skills and behaviors in our people to enable them to create value for your business. Because we are selective about hiring consultants who are aligned with our culture and purpose, and we train them in our methodology, they share a common language for delivering work to our clients. To achieve this, all our consultants must be permanent employees of Evolve.

We also have a strong focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, which is critical to meeting the unique needs of our distinct client base. Evolve believes that diversity drives innovation and new ideas, so we actively seek out people with a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences, which ultimately makes Evolve a more interesting and fulfilling place to work. We also have an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and acknowledged and feels they have a voice, and every person, situation and intervention matters. We believe that our people must be open minded and creative, building on our collective differences and strengths to help our clients co-create solutions to their most challenging problems.

We take all these tenets to the work we deliver for our clients. If your organization is to change for the better then, ultimately, your people must do the changing. Getting people to change has one critical first stepyou need to persuade them to want to change. The only way to avoid this step is to miss the people altogethersay by having consultants do the change for you. But this cannot lead to any increase in skills in the organization so your improvements will not be sustainable. For people to want to change, they have to personally connect with the objectives you are trying to achieve, emotionally as well as rationally. 

Evolve is different, as we are focused on enabling your people to deliver internal change efforts in a way that ensures results delivery, skills development, ownership, culture change and sustainability.

For me, Evolve reaffirmed the need for people to have a purpose and to align individuals with the team. It takes more than a great process to get results; it takes people who are switched on and who see the difference they can make.
Operations Performance Unit Leader