There are many views on what makes change successful.

Evolve’s integrated approach is supported by real insights on change and learning, codified in our Framework methodology that is open to you and flexible to your unique circumstances and where you are on your journey. We believe that skills and culture can only develop through the experiences and realizations of your people, so we take a leveraged approach, deploying the fewest consultants necessary with an emphasis on coaching your people.

The Evolve Framework represents the way we approach change programs and what our clients can expect and when to expect it. The Framework provides a roadmap of the change journey which is critical if we are going to create an experience where our clients learn for themselves how to successfully implement change.

The Framework was built and is refined from over hundreds of years of collective experience from our own implementation experts. It connects the why, what and how of the Evolve brand experience that we craft and deliver for our clients. It translates the conceptual beliefs that we hold true about change into practical day-to-day activities and events that we DO with our client so they learn to build their own capabilities in order to replicate the experience in the future, long after we are gone.

For me, Evolve reaffirmed the need for people to have a purpose and to align individuals with the team. It takes more than a great process to get results; it takes people who are switched on and who see the difference they can make.
Operations Performance Unit Leader