Reducing the Cycle Time From Rig Release to First Gas


Context and Challenge

  • New shale play development encountering long cycle time delays from rig release to first gas

  • Challenges in materials availability and traceability

  • Lack of rigorous integrated management across functions

  • Engineering and supplier problems not communicated, resulting in repeat issues in field execution



  • The project was organized into three themes, each with a clear set of milestones

  • Project led by client team members and involved a cross-functional set of participants

  • Began role modeling cross-functional collaboration and driving cycle time reduction improvements across the asset

  • Creation of feedback loops and consolidation of checklists paved the way for further improvements

For me, Evolve reaffirmed the need for people to have a purpose and to align individuals with the team. It takes more than a great process to get results; it takes people who are switched on and who see the difference they can make.
— Operations Performance Unit Leader
Shale Gas PlaysCorey Wills