Organization Enabled to Deliver on its Business Strategy by Defining and Implementing Continuous Improvement

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Context and Challenge

  • A supermajor upstream business realized that to make a step change in performance, they needed to address their underlying approach to how work got done

  • No common understanding of Continuous Improvement (CI):

    • Was seen as applicable to project work, not day-to-day tasks

    • Viewed as something to do in addition to/on top of your regular work, not how you did your regular work

    • Every region “did their own thing”

  • Past programs were focused on teaching tools, not changing the culture and behaviors

  • The global strategy identified the need to push accountability to the front line to unlock value and empower them to deliver:

    • Increased production

    • Improved safety

    • Reduced costs

  • Needed to make CI the way they work to achieve this global strategy



  • Worked with the Executive Leadership Team to create a CI vision, agree on a common definition and toolset, and develop a global implementation strategy

  • Trained central and regional leaders on how to actively lead their teams to drive effective problem solving and continuous improvement

  • Created the internal capability to effectively identify, prioritize, and solve problems at all levels

  • Defined a common set of tools and behaviors to consistently delivery superior performance

  • Created the template for CI system implementation throughout the global regions

    • Facilitated a “CI Awareness” workshop for each region’s Leadership Team and the regional outside consultants that were implementing the CI vision

    • Guided the regions to improve the work management process, building enduring CI capability while delivering sustainable results

The program provided a framework that enabled us to understand key issues and to confront them.
— Onshore Manager
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