A Rose by Any Other Name?

Many companies grapple with whether they should formally adopt Lean as their continuous improvement methodology, or to develop their own customized methodology under a continuous improvement label. Both approaches can work, and if you have a history of an ineffective Lean implementation, it is understandable that you might want to avoid the label. That being said, Evolve believes that there are some real benefits to formally adopting Lean:

  • Role models the elimination of waste, variation and complexity in our CI approach. Isn’t developing your own customized CI methodology in some ways anti-Lean?

  • External reinforcement. People in your business can read books and speak with people in other companies that reinforce your approach.

  • Ready-made toolkit. Although we cannot emphasize enough that Lean is not just the tools, it does help to be able to access off the shelf materials.

  • Consistency. It can be much easier to bring people into your company and move them around if you have chosen an industry standard.

Follow this link to read full thought piece: Evolve’s View of the Lean Journey to Results

Seth Tyler

As Chief Operating Officer, Seth has broad responsibility for oversight of all aspects of day-to-day operations, including program delivery, business development, marketing, finance and human resources. Seth began his career in Evolve as a Client Partner, working on site with clients to help them implement major change in their business. He played a significant role in helping to establish and build Evolve’s North American business.