Employee Engagement on the Critical Path for Change

Consultants go away at the end of any Change project, so any sustainable change must engage and involve your employees – the people who actually do the work.  Leaders need to engage their employees early and often, or else the change effort will remain something foreign to the actual work, and will eventually backslide into the old routines.  The more your people are engaged in whatever change you are making, the greater the impact and sustainability of the changes, for a number of fundamental reasons:

Knowing the best improvements to drive business results.  The people closest to the action are the ones best able to spot the opportunities to drive performance.   

Selling and training others on the change.  When your people have been part of the solution, it demonstrates to your organization that your Change is real and not from some ivory tower.  Your people can speak about it with certainty and confidence, as they train other users in the new ways of working.

Accountability and sustainability.  The more your people have been involved in creating change, the more of a stake they have in its success and longevity. 

Leaders often try to bypass the steps that engage their employees in the process, putting their own change efforts at risk.  Evolve builds employee engagement into change programs right from the start, leaving your organization with enhanced capabilities to go with the improved performance results

Tom Burke

Tom is a senior management consulting professional recognized for superior program delivery success and people development.  During his 20 years in industry and consultancy, Tom has undertaken a wide range of assignments in the public and private sectors, throughout North and South America, specializing in Asset Management, Supply Chain, and Government services.  Tom has managed programs for numerous clients to achieve sustainable and transformational improvements in their businesses, and is Evolve Partners’ primary Subject Matter Expert for Maintenance & Reliability.