Operational Readiness

Achieving the highest levels of operating efficiency as quickly as possible is a major driver of capital efficiency. Too often projects come on line and encounter slow ramp ups of highly variable production far below target performance. Even those projects that do strongly move into production, often experience precipitous decline as the shiny newness of equipment quickly wears away. Much of traditional operational improvement consulting focuses on improving the performance of steady-state operations, where there is a lot of data on historical performance. But how do you improve something you haven’t yet built?

Evolve works with leading companies in the latter stages of capital project execution to support them in operational readiness. This includes:

  • Clarifying and documenting major aspects of operations excellence, including production monitoring and optimization, maintenance and reliability, and asset integrity

  • Establishing clear work processes, production management systems, and reporting

  • Developing clear control parameters, control room procedures, and play books for day-to-day operations, including handover processes

  • Establishing clear maintenance philosophy and building out preventative maintenance schedule

  • Developing loss reporting and defect elimination practices

  • Working with operations staff on scenarios and practice

  • Developing problem-solving and continuous improvement process


Evolve supported an independent oil company in conducting an Operational Readiness Assessment of its new SAGD plant about one year prior to first production. Evolve worked with the client team to identify a number of areas, including maintenance and production monitoring and optimization, where the client had not developed detailed practices that would be critical for operations. Furthermore, the client was behind on many if its preparation activities and needed to inject better rigor into its preparation management.

Seth Tyler

As Chief Operating Officer, Seth has broad responsibility for oversight of all aspects of day-to-day operations, including program delivery, business development, marketing, finance and human resources. Seth began his career in Evolve as a Client Partner, working on site with clients to help them implement major change in their business. He played a significant role in helping to establish and build Evolve’s North American business.