Who are Evolve Consultants?

Evolve consultants are expected to demonstrate a depth and breadth of implementation skills across results, processes, behaviors and change leadership. This requires a real passion for human development with skillful observation, coaching and feedback. It requires flexibility in style and practice. We work with Lean and Six Sigma tools to improve processes and reduce waste. We also use mental models to coach our clients to improve their leadership style and make better, more effective interventions. Some days we help our clients make improvements by implementing changes on the shop floor, other days we work in the boardroom with senior leaders helping them to devise implementation plans for strategic solutions throughout their company.

All of our consultants are experienced in operational excellence and many tell us they feel they have finally found their career home at Evolve; they are attracted to our methodology that achieves real change – delivering results through others. While facilitation and coaching are difficult, every Evolve client partner shares the belief that this is the only path to sustainable change and continuous improvement. Experiencing the moments of supplantive learning with our clients is what we work towards and live for.

Our client partners come to Evolve with a wealth of experience, yet they embrace that they still have much to learn. You will find that at Evolve we are humble and quietly confident in our abilities, yet constantly aware of our capacity for improvement; we are both experts and students.

Attracting experienced consultants who are committed to capability development within our clients is the critical success factor for Evolve.

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