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Case Studies




Evolve Collateral


Strategy Development
Repeatable process and capability for ongoing internal strategy development and execution


The Relentless Pursuit of Performance
Evolve’s purpose is to help leading Energy & Chemical companies Thrive, Learn and Grow. 


Evolve Maintenance Capabilities
Evolve has a long record of helping our clients deliver better asset performance through maintenance effectiveness and efficiency. 

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A Business Excellence Framework for LNG Operators
Organizational Transformation takes a company from good to great. 

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Maximizing Refinery Profitability
You have a lot of technical expertise in your business, and you have already made signifi cant progress in ongoing improvement. 

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Creating Strategic Supply Chain Partnerships
There is an archetypal cycle to how Oil and Gas companies pursue improvements to their Supply Chains. We need to break this cycle. 

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Improving Performance in the Unconventional Concept-to-PoP Process
Now more than ever oil and gas producers are seeing a greater need to improve performance of their Concept to Put-on-Production (PoP) process.


The Essence of Evolve
An integrated approach for sustainable results. 

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Unlocking Value in a Low Oil Price Environment
As we look into 2015, with a soft and uncertain oil price environment, many Oil and Gas companies are educing their capital programs. 


Thinking Outside the Toolbox
Many organizations have embarked on a Lean Journey only to get caught in the “Lean Toolbox” paradigm. 

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Building a Roadmap to Integrated Operations
As Upstream Oil and Gas Operations become more complex and costly to operate, new and innovative ways of working are needed to maintain and improve profitability. 

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Unlocking Value by Achieving your Best Day ... Every Day
Chemical manufacturers are continually challenged to maintain profitability despite globally shifting market conditions and capital constraints with a mature asset portfolio already producing at nameplate capacity. 

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An Ops Excellence Framework for In Situ Operators
This SAGD Operation was considered a mature asset producing at nameplate capacity. 

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Evolve Shale Play Book
Shale developments, and other forms of tight oil and gas, have revolutionized the North American energy industry over the past several years. 


White Papers

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Learning Effectively Through Necessity
In a world of rapid change and global competition, all companies have to be constantly achieving better financial and operational results if they are to stay competitive 


Learning how to deliver superior results faster by motivating people and growing their capability is a key source of shareholder value and competitive advantage for our clients.

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Rough Guide to Organizational Change
Through mergers and acquisitions, the organization you’re leading has pulled a diverse collection of companies and cultures under one banner. 

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A Scarce Resource

The lack of availability of required skills and experience in most if not all parts of the oil and gas value chain is well documented.