Our Approach

Evolve was born out of the belief that consultants could serve their clients in a better way. It is built on the concept that clients should truly learn from the implementation process while still achieving significant financial business benefits.

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Implementation is at the heart of our DNA — it's all we do. We have been involved in hundreds of such programs where we've learned a few things about getting it right.

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Organizational Space→

Evolve helps you to realize significant results in the near-term and a sustained ability to deliver better improvement into the future, based on our integrated approach to implementation that includes robust processes and systems, better leadership capability and a shift in culture. We articulate this integrated approach in the Evolve Organizational Space™ model.


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Evolve Framework→

The Evolve Framework™ provides a roadmap of the change journey, which is critical to creating an experience where our clients learn for themselves how to successfully implement change. It is supported by real insights on change and learning, codified in our Framework methodology, that is open to you and flexible to your unique circumstances and where you are on your journey.



Insights on Change & Learning→

Organizations today increasingly recognize that implementation needs to become a core skill. In doing this, they are acknowledging that implementation requires specific knowledge and skills that go beyond straightforward project management.



Areas We Work→

Evolve’s real difference is our understanding of and approach to change, but our Energy and Chemical industry focus means we bring a wealth of experience and best practices to the specific challenges of your business.

The program was a great success but what’s really great is that not only have changes stuck since the Evolve team left, but we’re carrying on making more changes and more improvements.
Operational Excellence Program Shift Coach